Dutch Capital Opportunity Fund I, LP

Dutch Capital Partners has organized Dutch Capital Opportunity Fund I, L.P., a Florida Limited Partnership (“Fund”). Its sole general partner is DCP Fund Management, LLC (the “General Partner”). DCP Fund Management, LLC is owned by the principals and owners of Dutch Capital Partners. The Fund seeks to capitalize on buying opportunities produced by distress in the Florida housing sector. The Fund strategy is to buy undervalued and distressed residential real estate assets and debt investments at significant discounts to current market value in select Florida markets. The Fund intends to concentrate on buying condominiums in bulk from distressed sellers but may also consider acquiring single family housing, townhomes, rental apartment communities, and/or partially or fully improved land & lots. The Fund will target the assets and debt of distressed and/or bankrupt developers, local & regional banks, institutional lenders, homebuilders and distressed investors. The Fund may participate in bank and government-sponsored auctions to purchase performing and non-performing real estate-related assets and loans. The Fund will acquire and own all investments on an all cash basis without the use of leverage or debt. Since late 2010, the Fund has acquired condominium units in bulk and individually in condominium communities located in Orlando, Daytona Beach and Miami. This fund is closed to new investors.